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11plusMasterclass.com 315 Croydon Road, Wallington, SM6 7LB Tel: 0208 064 1011 
11+ Masterclass.co.uk offers a broad range of short and long courses in 11+ Maths, 11+ English, 11+ Verbal and 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning. Harnessing our expertise as 11+ specialists, our courses are led by first-class experienced teachers who are only too familiar with the rigours of preparing for the 11+ exams.

Our masterclasses offer a unique way for 11+ students to master any challenging 11+ topic listed, in an easy to remember, yet fun and engaging way. Places are allocated on a first come first serve basis. Book now to secure your place!
* Cloze & Grammar Masterclass

* Punctuation Masterclass

* Comprehension Masterclass

* Creative Writing Masterclass

* Non-Fiction Writing Masterclass 

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11+ MATHS 
* Fractions Masterclass

* Algebra Masterclass

* Word Problems Masterclass

* Mental Maths Masterclass

* Numerical Reasoning Masterclass
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11+ VR / NVR 
* Verbal Reasoning Masterclass

* VR Codes Masterclass

* Non-Verbal Masterclass

* Net of Cubes Masterclass

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