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B. 11+ Punctuation Masterclass

This masterclass is designed to improve your child’s punctuation skills by giving numerous tips and hints on how and when to use various types of punctuation. It looks in depth at how to effectively answer 11+ questions involving punctuation.  Your child will master the skills required to use at least 10 different types of punctuation.  By the end of the masterclass, your child should be able to express him or herself more accurately and spot mistakes in punctuation with ease. This is a valuable skill for the 11+ entrance exams.
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A. 11+ Cloze & Grammar Masterclass

This masterclass is designed to teach pupils the skills required to accurately answer cloze questions. It will also expose and correct common English mistakes which can occur frequently in written and spoken English. We will be looking at 11 key areas in the English language where these mistakes are commonly found and providing tips for their correct usage. By the end of the masterclass, your child will be able to successfully answer cloze questions and identify and avoid common grammatical errors.

C. 11+ Comprehension Masterclass

This course content covers comprehension strategies required to achieve a Level 5 in English Comprehension and will stimulate your child’s imagination. It helps them recognise how to decode what they read and assists them in making connections between this and what they already know. Throughout the course, valuable tips will be given to vastly improve your child’s comprehension skills. By the end, your child will be equipped with the necessary skills needed to answer comprehension questions effectively, in order to gain top marks.

D. 11+ Creative Writing Masterclass

Has your child ever been asked to write a story on a given title? Is the response typically “I don’t know what to write, I’m stuck!” This comprehensive masterclass is designed to help your child discover easy ways to develop characters, create settings, write openings, include paragraphing, choose style and decide on the appropriate story type. A must for boys and girls expected to produce a piece of creative writing during their 11+ entrance examinations and other school examinations. By the end of the masterclass, your child will be armed with the necessary creative writing skills required to produce compelling stories and excel in examinations!

E. 11+ Non-Fiction Writing Masterclass

One cannot always predict what writing type will be examined during the 11+ exams. During this masterclass, the teacher will explore the writing rules required to write a variety of non-fiction texts such as  Reports, Diaries, Arguments, Letters, Explanations, Recounts and more. By the end of the masterclass, your child will be able to adequately produce a range of non-fiction pieces which will gain him/her top marks, should they come up in any 11+ exam!