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Frequently Asked Questions
11plus Ltd ®
11plusMasterclass.com 315 Croydon Road, Wallington, SM6 7LB Tel: 0208 064 1011
What are Masterclasses?

11plus Masterclasses provide a focused learning environment for pupils on a specific area of the 11+ syllabus. Often pupils find some areas more challenging than others. Our masterclasses go a long way towards helping the child master the topic in question. The teacher looks in-depth at the topic and explains key techniques required for 11+ success. A wide range of 11+ style questions are practised and tips given on answering these questions quickly and accurately. 

What areas do you specialise in?

We focus strongly on the four subjects often tested in the 11+ entrance examinations namely Mathematics, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning.

Who are your tutors?

Our courses are led by qualified teachers and tutoring professionals vastly experienced in preparing pupils for the 11+ entrance examinations. They have all successfully tutored pupils who have gained admission to both grammar and independent schools.

Where do the courses take place?

Courses are held in Wallington, Bexley, Orpington, Dartford and Finchley.
We also host Masterclasses in other venues in London and beyond.

What is the maximum/minimum number of participants in a group?

Groups vary in size up to a maximum of ten pupils in each masterclass.

What time commitment is required?

Courses run for three hours during our intensive morning sessions to one-day six hour courses. Please refer to the masterclass details for the duration of the advertised course.

What skills or experience are required?

Most courses are accessible to all primary or secondary pupils. In instances where prior knowledge is required, pre-requisites are explicitly stated. However, enrolment operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

What can I expect to come away with after a Masterclasses course?

Courses usually consist of tutor-led explanations, sessions with practice exercises, and feedback. Pupils will be equipped with a greater understanding of the masterclass topic and will be given the chance to apply their knowledge to typical 11+ style questions. Support will be given to ensure every pupil accurately answers the questions presented.

How do I enrol?

You can enrol in a course directly on the website or by telephone 0208 064 1011.

What is your refund policy?

You may cancel an 11+ Masterclass if your notification is received by 11+ Masterclass.com a minimum of 28 days prior to the start of the Masterclass and receive a full refund.

Where a booking is made less than 28 days to the masterclass date, the booking can be cancelled where there are more than 14 working days to the 1st masterclass date but will be subject to a 35% administration charge. 
We will not be able to process refunds you where you do not attend and do not cancel in line with the above terms and conditions.

What is the nearest tube/train station?

WALLINGTON - 11plus University Centre
The centre is a 15min walk from Wallington station.
Buses stop right outside the centre.

Do you have parking facilities?

There is ample parking in the surrounding streets and limited spaces on the school premises.

Do you offer refreshments or lunch facilities?

No, lunch is not provided however bottled water is offered on all courses. Pupils are advised to bring a light snack for consumption during half day courses. Where a course runs for the full day, please ensure your child attends with a packed lunch.

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