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Husnid K. 

"I have learnt quicker ways of tackling numerical reasoning questions and how to do two step algebraic expressions. My creative and non-fiction skills improved greatly and it encouraged my urge to write a story of my own."

Master your way to selection
The children were asked to write down one or two areas of improvement from attending the Masterclasses. NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO PROTECT THEIR IDENTITY. Please read a selection of their responses below: 

Bryan O.

"I have learnt new creative writing skills and have improved in numerical reasoning. Also, I am now faster in mental maths with the new tricks learnt. 

Maxi W. 

"I have improved on the masterclasses I attended and now feel more confident with doing fractions and tackling comprehension problems."

Khaan L. 

"I learned quick and easy methods of solving problems."

Philipo D. 

"I enjoyed it so much and learnt that there are different types of questions and that you can use skimming and scanning for comprehensions."

Aahrnav B. 

"I have learnt many things in this masterclass such as making sure you don't put too much description."

Tije. B. 

"I've learnt much more about how to answer Cloze questions."

Thiyeer S. 

"I have learnt how to write descriptive essays and how to plan my writing."


"I have improved and learnt how to handle word problems using RUCSAC."

Sue D.

"I feel much better prepared for the test. I learnt how to master word problems and read things carefully and quicker."

Kyeira G.

"I have learnt to be more confident and how to read more quickly." "

Youki O.

"I have learnt the importance of reading the questions properly, and how to tackle cubes and net questions."

Laura W.

"I have learnt what to do with Speed and Distance problems as I did not know what to before, it was new to me. I feel a lot more prepared than before."

Parvathee K.

"I have learnt lots of things. For example, codes, patterns and cubes. I feel better prepared now."

Allisa K.

"I am more confident with reading the question and inferring in Comprehension."

Novar K.

"I have learned all of the things that I did not know in Comprehension, VR, NVR and Maths Word problems.  The Comprehension inference was the best."

Sanskrity B.

"I have learned how to do stuff properly. i.e. Speed, Distance and Time."

Sashmeeta S.

"I learnt how to look at shapes from a birds eye view, cubes and reading the question properly. I enjoyed the masterclasses."

Arlay G.

"I am confident of non-verbal reasoning and verbal reasoning. Like identifying shapes and misleading words. Yes, I am feeling better prepared."